PHOTO ALBUM                                                            
The JMP on FCCFREE RADIO                        Studio 2B 107.3 FM SF
Susan, Tom Smith and John                           John, Susan and Kevin Monroe
John, Susan and the "Late Night" Players   Kira Soltanovich with John 
Daymon Ferguson with John and Susan    Susan, Lisa Myers and John
Kelly, Lyndsay and Mary Van Note                Kaseam, Tony and Howard
Lyndsay Blaz and Snake                                 Cody Woods and Kelly Anneken
The JMP on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM WINAMP PLAYER    Susan, Big Al and Kevin
The La Playa Summer Block Party  WINAMP PLAYER          John, Susan, The Doggy Diner Heads
John, Carmen Chu and Susan                        The Tomorrow Men, The Dead Beats
The Meshugga Beach Party
The Tomorrow Men        
The Graves Brothers Deluxe                           Ben Feldman and his fans... Kids
The Tomorrow Men and The Dead Beats     Susan getting her groove on!    
The JMP on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM WINAMP PLAYER    John Miller and Susan Maletta
Susan with Howard and Kurt                          Susan, Howard, Kurt and Lindsay Blaz
Susan, Gail Jones and Burtis Cutler             The Green Room
Ben Feldman, Anthony Hill with Susan        Phil Johnson
Susan, Ben, Phil and Anthony                        Susan with Phil Johnson
Kurt, Beth, Susan, Grace and John               
Kurt, Beth, Susan, Grace and John               Will Durst and John looking weird!
Will and Susan                                                    John and Susan after the show......
Susan, Joe Nguyen and Adam McLaughlin    Deb Campo, John and Susan          
The JMP La Playa Spring Block Party           The Lava Rats
Dirty Dave and the Deviants                           Pollo del Mar
The Mushugga Beach Party
The Hacks
The JMP on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM WINAMP PLAYER    I wish it came with the book!!           
John Brown, Candy, John, Lesbian (Drunk), Ben Feldman and Justin Scales
The JMP with Candy Churilla Christmas 2007 Rocket Dog Rescue Benefit
Dirty Dave and the Deviants                            Make sure to drink the free beer!!
John and Candy                                                 Valerie from Rocket Dog Rescue
John and Melinda from PCR                           The star dog of the RDR event
PIRATECATRADIO 87.9 FM Staff Christmas 2007
The JMP on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM WINAMP PLAYER     What is up John's ass?
The cat that ate the bird!                                   Candy and Ben in the studio of PCR
Candy, Kurt, Ben, John, Brian, John and Howard in the studio of PCR
Candy, Uwe Boll and John at the premier of POSTAL the MOVIE in San Francisco
Candy, John and Mike at the premier of POSTAL the MOVIE in San Francisco
Candy and John out front of the Castro       Candy and Zack Ward
Candy interviewing Zack Ward                       What is Zack saying to Candy?
Holly Eglinton, Mike and John                        I don't think she is going for it John!!
Maybe she did say yes....                                  John, Uwe Boll and Candy
John, Zack Ward and Candy                        "The Soup Nazi" Larry, Candy and John
The JMP on Pirate Cat Radio 87.9 FM WINAMP PLAYER      Candy and John in the studio of PCR
John, Candy, Howard Stone and Kurt Weitzmann
Candy and John in the studio of PCR          Candy's thinking what have I got into!
John knows how to pick a co-host                John back on the air.....oh shit
All Comedy Radio WINAMP PLAYER                                        John and Phil at the studio of ACR
Bobby the Intern and Dana Hayes                 Dana Hayes, Phil and John
 The John and Frye Show WINAMP PLAYER                          Frye Guy and John Miller.
Frye, Warren Hall and John                              Frye guy and John KWSS Radio
"LATE NIGHT" WINAMP PLAYER                                            "Girls Gone Wild" on "LATE NIGHT" WINAMP PLAYER
"Girls Gone Wild" bus and  film crew.             John with Robert Fata and Kevin. 
John with Robert Fata and Kevin                   Kevin, Miss Angel and John
John and Kevin                                                   John in the limo off to the LIVE remote
John and Kevin off to their first LIVE remote together at The Great Alaskan Bush
John, Kevin, Kass and Ashley                        John and Deb
Kevin, Sara                                                           Frank and Sara
The limo ride home with the crew
Eddie, Kim, John, Deb, Kevin, Ashley & Kass
Kim, Kevin, and John on the road to the Bush Company
Sara, John, Kevin and Ashley                         What is John saying to Sara?
Bobby the "Intern"                                             John and Kevin in Studio "2B"
Tony and Kevin                                                   John at the Mansion b-day remote WINAMP PLAYER
Toys for Tats Drive                                            Phoenix Children Hospital admin, John
John dropping off the toys.                             Thanks to all that donated toys.
John giving Teddy Bear to a little girl going home for Christmas
My partner in radio crime! Thanks Frank!    John can get arrested doing anything
What should I say?                                            The crew of KWSS RADIO
Show mascott "Sir Jake"                                 Ms. Kitty "Webmaster"
John doing what he loves best.........             John. Nick, Paul, Kevin and Jade
The John Miller Program WINAMP PLAYER                            Internet TV/Radio Broadcast Studio
Look at the hat...Mike and Lanny                    Look at the truck bed and the hat.
Vince Desi on The John Miller Program       Good times are had by all on the JMP
John and Mike "J" from           What the hell is Vince licking?
They are not having fun are they ?                Mike "J" and Paul in the control room
John doing a mic check.                                  The first internet TV studio in the world
Live from the living room..Studio "L"       T.J and the band PACT in Studio "L"
Paul the Engineer of JMP TV                           Paul, Best friend a man can have!
John Miller                                                           Back before John had to get glasses 
Don't fall asleep Egan.                                 To late Egan we got you on video!
Zoomer had more fans than John.            Just like like it reads. Show bit.
On the Phone...                                               Spoof  Home Shopping Network
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